Logo Festival dell'Artigianato Italiano

December 2016 / January 2017
A new event in the Conference calendar: the "Festival dell'Artigianato Italiano" (Italian Handicrafts Festival).

The Italian Handicrafts Festival brings together the great sectors of national and international craftsmanship: production crafts, service craftsmanship and artistic / traditional handicrafts, which have always been the cornerstones of the Italian economy.

The Italian inventiveness is well known all over the world thanks to their ability to create unique pieces of high precision and an excellent technical-cultural level. Even after industrialisation, mechanisation and computerisation, the personal inventiveness counts and, with digitisation in progress today, the ingenuity of finding unique and functional solutions is required.

We wanted to express this concept with a classic, but modern iconography inspired by the Bauhaus movement. The Bauhaus wanted to unify art and craftsmanship, theory and practice, into a single piece of art. In principle, using contemporary techniques and transferring handicraft skills acquired in previous centuries to the conditions of the Industrial Age.

Even today, with the continuous change of economic and production systems, one has to respond with creativity and personal initiative. This is represented in the logo by the silhouette of a face arranged in the form of the letter A - the A in "artigiano" (craftsperson).